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Publications by Stuart Rosenblatt

I. Irish Jewish Memorial Inscriptions, Dolphins Barn, Dublin. 1898-2003.

1st edition 2004. (c3050 records).

This the first volume in the Rosenblatt series took 6 years to compile. The researcher will immediately find from the alphabetical listing of 3050 individual interred, the dates of birth, and death, age at death, memorial inscription, Hebrew name, and Hebrew year of death, section, row, and plot, females with maiden name and of which tribe Kohen or Levi. NTS + No tomb stone. This volume also covers the Commissioning of a new cemetery and objections, reminisces and secretarial report. Part 2. Jewish customs and traditions concerning burial prayer and mourning.

II. Irish Jewish Memorial Inscriptions. Ballybough, Dublin. 1748-1908 (217 records) and early Synagogues. 1st edition 2004.

Irelands oldest Jewish cemetery records are extracted from Louis Hyman's book and supplemented with inscriptions from the remaining tombstones. First middle and surname, maiden name, Hebrew name, date of birth / death age Hebrew date of death Kohen or Levi. Papers by Bernard Shillman the Jewish Cemetery at Ballybough Dublin 1929 and Crane Lane to Ballybough by Timothy Dawson 1973. Synagogues of Old Dublin by Sister Katherine Butler 1973. Marlborough Green, Stafford Street, Mary's Abbey, and Adelaide Road. Centenary of a Synagogue Adelaide Road 1892 - 1992 photographs and the official consecration and opening of Adelaide Road Synagogue 1892 as well as a history and a short retrospect 1925 rules and regulations the Jewish tradition of burial and mourning. Greenville Hall 1909 - 1914 and Lennox Street congregation minutes as well as Adelaide Road 1905 membership list are some of the contents of this volume.

III. Irish Jewish Museum 1992. (12.300 listings). 1st edition 2004.

This work contains a wealth of documented museum holdings. It is so valuable in allowing the current and future members of the Irish Jewish community to reconstruct and recapture, however general, their religious, social, and economic history in the Republic of Ireland.

IV. Belfast Irish Jewish Memorials. 1873-2003. 1st edition 2004.

(1670 records) birth, (1779 records), marriage, (1093 records), census 1901 & 1911, & school records) This volume brings erudition, sensitivity and insight to those seeking to learn the historical context, religious practices ancestral laws and traditions, and daily life of the Belfast Jewish community as extrapolated from Memorial Inscriptions, personal reminiscences, and anecdotal data. Millisle Farm Co Down, school enrolments and census records are a first for this community

V. Alien Registration 1914-1922. Dublin Non-National, Jewish extracts 1st edition 2005.

This comprehensive document records significant information on the lives of those who escaped the pogroms a nd persecution in Russia of the 19th century. This Police record of non British Nationals is a definitive work in Irish Jewry. which contains copies of the original registration with signatures many with their mark X.

VI. Ada Shillman's (midwife) 866 Birth Records Dublin. 1896-1908. 1st edition 2005.

Of all the hidden and now uncovered references this volume is most unique. This personal working journal now ranks as one of the most important documents appertaining to Irish Jewry. Full names date of birth, fathers name, mothers maiden name occupation, and address are some of the details revealed. There is also a copy of the original birth Journal. An additional bonus in this volume is "Jewish names and their history" and the secret diary of Anne Lapedus 1958 - 1961 are included.

VII. The Hebrews of Limerick 1904. 1st edition 2005 (census 1901 &1911, school marriage, & burial community records & Limerick Trust papers.)

This document is the optimal legacy for the descendants of the Limerick community. They can now link up with their ancestors through the marriage records the census records, the burial details and the historical notes about school details. The sadness, evoked of the events of 1904 by Father Creigh are comprehensively documented.

VIII. The Hebrews of Cork. 1st edition 2005 (birth, marriage, death, school, community, census 1901 & 1911 records)

Cork is very fortunate to have as their representative Freddie Rosehill on of the remaining 3 original Corkonians (2010) Without his help this volume would not have seen the light of day nor be so comprehensive of this once early and vibrant Jewish community. To day there is little left by record. The volume combines 1901 and 1911 census records with birth marriage and death details as well as school entrants. Copies of original marriage certificates from 1891 - 1955 as well as certain family reminisces and family trees. Detailed community records for people living outside the main towns of Ireland. The inclusion of the minutes 1898 - 1947 (the original is in the Irish Jewish Museum Dublin) makes this a precious document.

IX. Irish Jewish Marriage Records 1845-2005. 1st edition 2005 (10,770 records)

There are 4,425 marriages including Belfast, Cork, Dublin, Dublin Progressive, and Limerick. There is more information than on the marriage certificate. Besides the full name, condition at marriage and age, the birth date as well Hebrew name. Address at time of marriage, occupation, place married fathers and where known mothers maiden name with birth dates and location. There is an index attached to find the maiden names of spouses and whom they married. This is followed by hundreds copies of the original marriage certificates. The Jewish tradition of Marriage, the Pro and Con of bachelor-hood and the fund for the dowry of Virgins are some of the interesting points mentioned. Origins of Irish Civil Registration and the 1844 Registration Act are also included.

X. Jewish Ireland Census 1901 & 1911. 1ST edition 2006 (7340 records)

The Act for taking an Account of the Population of Ireland 1812 and the act of 1860 are the introduction to this census volume. This is followed by census extracts 2002 and various notes. The information from the census which includes name address age occupation religion children names, age place of birth and the number of children born alive. In the 1911 census includes the number of years married. This extract also includes children born after 1911 with the bonus of notes which make the individual come alive. The maiden name of spouses are added. The streets surveyed throughout Ireland are listed.

XI. School of 9000 Jewish entrants 1st edition 2006

The school records is the only pure data base extracts. Where as all other volumes the information was entered into the Carousel data base before printing the school of 9000 sits on its own. The name address age at entry date of entry religion fathers occupation and school entered occasionally the mothers name is given and from which school the pupil came from or went to on leaving are some of the information available. Pupils personal reminiscences teachers comments as well as National Schools Rules and Regulations 1938 are included.

XII.Irish Jewish Gardens of the Dead 1748-2006. 1st edition 2007 (4,425 records)

This volume combines the burials from Dublin Belfast Cork and Limerick cemeteries. The fields covered are birth date with location, cemetery with row section and plot, Hebrew name occupation, father and mothers name, spouse and maiden name, inscription, cause of death and notes. It has burial details of 9,272 of which 6005 are Irish individuals. The remaining are details of those who have some connection to Irish Jewry.. The Jewish tradition of burial, prayer and mourning, why tombstones are erected, weddings in a grave yard are some Questions answered. The 1929 publication of Ballybough Cemetery by Bernard Shillman, B.L with Crane lane to Ballybough by Timothy Dawson 1973, as well as Care of graveyard makes this volume invaluable source of combined information

XIII. Miscellany, of Irish Jewish records 1st edition 2008

This compendium lists occupations, subscription lists, Old Age Home residents, Boy Scout enrolments, Yarzeit names, congregation and Ancient Order of Macabiens memberships with Greenville Hall building fund subscribers 1913.

XIV. Interesting letters of family request and Irish Jewish occupations 1st edition 2008

M A "Sir I have no past" is one of the many letters of family request with one stating How dare you (you arrogant prick). These letters show the yearning to find the family connections. B "The Irish Jewish occupations" lists Full name, parents names, prime profession / trade, and additional data over 123 pages. Anne Lapedus Brest edited this compilation.

XV. Heritage, The DNA of Irish Jewry 1st edition 2008. (61,777 records including birth, marriage, burial, census, occupation, addresses, covering 95 fields of information).

This magnum opus is the piece de resistance, the culmination of every detail known on any one individual potentially covering 90 fields of information gathered from the most innocent mention of a fact to the finding of unknown files. Each previous volume centred on a particular theme. The extracts in this tome is the result of 13 years of dedicated research. Not only full names also original surname AKA, birth, marriage, death, census occupations, addresses Alien information, GRO references, titles, naturalisation, schools attended, professions, cemeteries, cause of death, tomb stone inscription, Hebrew name, Hebrew date of death, cause of death, Religion, male / female, Kohen or Levi, marriage place age and condition, Synagogue attended, occupation and business address, alien information and signature if X and notes. The information also lists where known parents names maiden name of mother and spouse/s with dates of birth siblings with married names and birth details as well as issues (children). This is a one stop all embracing family quest never performed anywhere in the world. The whole of Jewish Ireland is covered for the last 350 years and includes those who left these fair shores for pastures anew.

XVI. Moments to Remember in Jewish Ireland 1999-2009. An insight into the thoughts and feelings of Irish Jewish exiles (2337 pages). 1st edition 2009.

This fascinating insight into the thoughts and feelings of Irish Jewish exiles covers 2,336 pages of reminisces covering from "Sand in Sandwiches, Michael Collins, to Why they hate us". The articles were originally posted on the Irish Jewish internet site the Jig and ShalomIreland. The best were extracted to combine this moment in Irish life from those who left these shores.

XVII. “Heritage” The A – Z DNA of Belfast & Northern Irish Jewry Vol XV111.

A biographical directory of 6,300 family names including births, marriages, burials, with inscriptions & Hebrew names, 1901 & 1911 census, school enrolments, occupation and address of northern Ireland Jewry, ascendants and descendants.

XVIII. “Heritage” The A-Z DNA of Cork Jewry.

A biographical directory of 1,696 Irish Jewish names in family format including birth, marriage, burials with inscriptions & Hebrew names, 1901 & 1911 census, school enrolment, occupations and address, of Cork Irish Jewry, ascendants and descendants.

XIX. “The Book Of Irish Jewry” 02/2014 `(51,069 entries) The revised and updated version of VOL XV “Heritage”.

The DNA of Irish Jewry “ with additional 11,569 new records and updated details

XX. Moments to remember in Jewish Ireland 2009-2017

An insight into the thoughts and feelings of Irish Jewish exiles and incorporating interesting letters pf request, compliments and complaints.